Front Row for Fall Winter 2020

Lisa Marie Walsh, Founder

A former international equities broker who left the markets to pursue a career in design, Lisa Walsh has been a successful entrepreneur and business woman for over 20 years.

Lisa had always taken care of her skin via the traditional routes of sunscreen, shade and oversized hats. But sunscreens need to be reapplied regularly and contain harsh chemicals, while hats – even oversized hats – don’t provide enough coverage and can ruin a perfectly good hair day. A fair-skinned redhead, Lisa was constantly on the hunt for effective yet stylish sun protection options. Inspiration struck one hot and sunny afternoon when the only thing she had on hand to protect her face and neck from the sun was a weathered umbrella.

That was in 2011. Today Persolé, caters to smart, skin-conscious and stylish consumers with its stunning line of Italian-crafted, UV protection couture umbrellas and parasols.

At Persolé Lisa oversees all aspects of design, manufacturing and distribution. When not traveling the globe on Persolé business, Lisa enjoys spending time with friends and family at her home in California.

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