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Parasols – the Latest Celebrity Skincare Trend 

Celebrities are always ahead of the trends. Most of the time, it’s the celebrities who set them! From style icon, Gwen Stefani to the timelessly elegant Jane Fonda, celebrities have embraced parasols as a means of taking care of beautiful skin and Persolé as their fashion statement and anti-aging weapon of choice.

Join Gwen Stefani, Jane Fonda, Anne Hathaway, Jane Seymour, Nancy O’Dell, Melanie Griffith, Marilu Henner, and other leading ladies who have also incorporated Persolé into their healthy lifestyles and couture wardrobes.

Shop the Persolé Collection and join this latest trend in anti-aging skincare and fashion with a Persolé of your own! You’ll love the tasteful crystal bracelet closure that fits snugly to keep Persolé closed when not in use and slips easily onto your wrist when the umbrella is open (or anytime you want to look and feel stylish!).

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